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In this section human condition, I’m going to place illustrations of ideas that sometimes come to mind, and that usually have as their title the name of a song, movie or other type of artistic creation.

I have the feeling that they are common places that many of us sometimes think or have thought about. Maybe they won’t tell you anything, maybe you like them… (if you have any ideas you can write to me, I’ll be happy to know them). 

5 things that are Uncomfortable and Scary on a Rainy and Windy day

A Toast for the Menstrual Cup

There are inventions that make life much easier for us. 

For me, a very useful one has been the Menstrual Cup.

So I toast it!

False Friends

With this illustration I wanted to reflect that, as human beings, we often fall into habits that make us ill.

Although apparently might not be the case, as they usually involve a whole series of pleasant situations (party, fun, celebration, socializing, connecting…).

Here is the great conflict… bad for the body, good for the soul (probably, the thing is to enjoy situations that do good, both physically and emotionally).

Another illustration that I wanted to do is this one, with which I’ve tried to show the feeling of being present, of living in the present.

Thus, I chose the image of the human, absorbed in her thoughts regarding the past and/or the future, thinking of them over and over again. Without being aware that the only moment on which we can have any effect is now. Main cause of depression (mentally living in the past) and anxiety (anticipating the future – well, trying to do so -).

By her side, the dog is happy, because he lives in the present. For him there is nothing more than what he is doing right now (enjoying the sunset with his overthinker friend).

Feeling creatures that think

“Although many of us may think of ourselves as thinking creatures that feel, biologically we are feeling creatures that think.”

This is an interesting phrase that I read in Difference, Bernadette Jiwa’s book (which also inspired me to create this infographic).

The phrase is taken from Jill Bolte Taylor’s great TED talk, My Stroke of insight, in which she talks about her own experience after suffering a stroke.

Human Evolution - representation of women

Since very early we have seen the typical drawing of the Human Evolution line, which is very good … However, an important part of evolution was missing: the woman.

This illustration has been based on the work of the scientific illustrator Eduardo Saiz Alonso for the Exhibition “Evolution in gender key”.

Maybe a little late… but better late than never!

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