music therapy

icono musicoterapia
Since music therapy constitutes a functional application of music for therapeutic purposes, it is essentially concerned with promoting, through sound and music, a wide energy circulation in the person,
to investigate the multiple transformations that the impulse inherent in the sound stimulus induces in the subject and to apply music to solve problems of psychosomatic origin.
music therapy​

Music has the ability to alter our mood. Personally, it has always helped me to put feelings into words… Although I don’t always understand the lyrics first, when looking for the meaning, curiously, it usually talks about the feelings it provokes in me.

It seems almost magical, which also doesn’t has to do with languages or borders. That’s probably why I like it so much (despite not being visual communication, but acoustic… in any case, it serves to transmit information/feelings in a Universal, Speedy and Effective way).

Sirens - Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam is a group that has a special ability to put into words what I feel, on many occasions. This song, it’s about a loss and, through it, about the fact that one of the very few certainties we have is that we will die.

In the Light - Led Zeppelin

When talking about Led Zeppelin we usually think of a hard style, but they also have some slower ones like In the Light. For me, here they are talking about the importance of believing in something that, when things get bad, will give you a hand. As well as that (and this is the part that reaches me the most) there is nothing immutable (the good thing is that it is valid for the bad… the bad thing is that it also applies to the good).

What Has Never Been Mine - Sharif

When I listened to this song by Sharif, his message really touched me, especially in the paragraph I chose. I like how he deals with the subject of artistic creation with a purpose, which is not only aesthetic and/or monetary. The idea of being able to be of some help through your creations is also important to me. He explains it brilliantly with the phrase “I found a purpose in my scars”, giving the idea that the least beautiful, the darkest part, is where the great lessons are learned. Also the fact of wondering if there is a plan or if it’s all coincidence… Although I’m afraid there is no answer to this. The original song is in Spanish, so you’ll see the translation doesn’t always make the rhymes.

It is not my ego that pushes me to write
But the fear of dying without ever having said anything
And I don’t know if there is a cosmic plan
Or are we just dust in this inhospitable world
But I’m happy against the odds
I found my scars a purpose

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