If what we want is the information to be seen and understood at a glance, then infographics are the perfect technique.

Basically, it’s about transmitting a message that would be more complex as text. The great value they have, in my opinion, is threefold: Universality, Speed and Effectiveness (they are USEfull).

interactive infographics

Like non-interactive infographics, they have the three values highlighted before: Universality, Effectiveness and Speed (USE) . But further, they are very easy to remember, because we always recall better the things we interact with.

For now I have used the Genially application and I really like it (in this post I explain how to view the infographic in an optimal way, and how to interact with it).

web design

What is the first thing you look at when you’re planning to buy something from a business for the first time? I look at their website, the place, who is behind it…. If they have it, because sometimes they don’t. In these cases, it is very likely that I will choose another option (unless I go because someone recommended it to me).

This may sound like a sales text? totally. Is it what I do? also. And I think I’m not a minority…

visual identity

Visual identity is the image that represents a company: colors, fonts, iconography, animations and, of course, logotypes.

However, as I explain in this post, Not all are Logotypes, although we commonly call them that for short.

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