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What is the first thing you look at when you go to a business for the first time? In my case, I have no doubt: the website. Well, to tell the truth, before this, I usually look at Google Maps to see where it is and incidentally, I read the reviews.

And then, in 100% of the cases, I go to their website (if there is, shockingly, there are still businesses without one…). I know this may sound like a tipical sales text telling you what to do. But, honestly, it isn’t. What I tell you is just what I do (and I’d say I’m not a minority in this regards).


On common topics that, for whatever reason, I find interesting to share. 

Issues such as the human condition and its comparison with other animals’s such as the dog, who is not so prone to worries, anxieties or depressions.


If what we want is the information to be seen and understood at a glance, then infographics are the perfect technique.

Basically, it’s about transmitting a message that would be more complex as text. The great value they have, in my opinion, is threefold:

  • SPEED: because at a single glance we can understand a topic that could be made longer if it is explained in writing.
  • UNIVERSALITY: since the images don’t need translation and, though the infographics have a few text, most of the time the message can be understood even if those who see them don’t share a language.
  • EFFECTIVENESS: due to the two previous values, infographics are a very effective way to get the desired message to reach those who receive it.

Interactive infographics

Like non-interactive infographics, they have the three values highlighted before: Speed, Universality and Effectiveness. But further, they are very easy to incorporate and remember, because we always recall better the things we interact with.

For now I have used the Genially application and I really like it (in this post I explain how to view the infographic in an optimal way, and how to interact with it).


Logos are known to be the image of companies, the visual hallmark. However, as I explain in this post, not all are logos, although for short we commonly refer to them this way.

Click on the image and you will see the different logos I’ve made, and in this post I explain my experience and opinion about logo contests.

a day like today...

I also like to rescue the stories of people who, in my opinion, have left an important mark on the legacy of humanity. I accompany them with portraits of those people.

On a day like today I will be adding stories, often related to people who have made history.

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