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Although we usually call any type of visual identity “logo”, the truth is that Not everything are LOGOS (neither logos are the only thing that makes up the visual identity).


Celeste Visual (celestevisual) is the rebranding of my own brand image. Restyling is used when we refer to changing the shape, not the roots of the brand. That is, we keep the name and everything we intend to convey, we only modify the design a little. While rebranding goes one step further, and is no longer limited to modifying the formal aspects, but also changes the whole (in this regard, I recommend again Esti López’s post on the Difference between Rebranding and Restyling – Spanish content) .

The reason that led me to change both form and root was that I wanted the name and image to clearly reflect what I do.

In this way and making a comparison with the previous one, we see that:

  • As for the text, while in the previous one only the who appeared, the current one also includes the what. I mean “visual”, a term that I like not only because of its meaning, but also because it is spelled the same in Spanish and English.
  • When it comes to the image, this one is also much more descriptive of my work than the previous one. Thus, the reference of the eye to the visual is evident, but I have also taken the opportunity to introduce the initials of CelesteVisual (CV), which form a kind of iris.
  • Finally with the color, compared to the previous black, with this rebranding I did not want to miss the opportunity to use light blue, thus playing with my name.





Gerencia de Asistencia Sanitaria de El Bierzo - GASBI​

This was my proposal for the logo of the Gerencia de Asistencia Sanitaria de El Bierzo – GASBI, within the contest organized by SACYL. It was about reflecting “the comprehensive health care provided by the GASBI, the result of the unification in November 2016 of the managements of El Bierzo Hospital and El Bierzo and Laciana Primary Care”.

In terms of the image, I chose on the one hand the map of El Bierzo and Laciana, which appears surrounded (embraced) by a stethoscope, referring to the unification of health care in both regions.

There are only two colours: blue, which refers to healthcare (the same blue as the El Bierzo Hospital logo) and gray (denotes a certain seriousness).

Tempus Solutions - Consultoría Psicosocial

With the logo of Tempus Solutions – Psychosocial Consulting, I was already establishing myself more in the subject of design and Corporate Identity. 

The choice of the image (isotype) has to do with the sensation of feeling embraced, protected and understood. Hence, the intention of representing three people seen from above with an open and inclusive attitude.

Colors: a transition from navy blue, which would represent loneliness, to orange, which evokes feeling that we are understood.

A2 Asesores

For the restyling of the A2 Asesores logo, I kept the color. As for the image, being a company dedicated to property management, I used the A to symbolize the facade of a house.




Bierzo Profe

Bierzo Profe had the idea of teaching various subjects at home in El Bierzo. Both the text and the image respond to where and what. I opted for the silhouette of El Bierzo, whose background is the flag of the region. This is crowned by a graduation cap that universally alludes to teaching.
As for the colors I have used, in addition to white and black, the red and blue of the Bercian flag.

Licor de Berza

Here we can see the logo I designed for the batucada group from El Bierzo “Licor de Berza”, formed by students from El Bierzo Musical Teaching Center.

The image is clear, referencing the music they play: drums, while the color is originally black, with the different versions in grey and white, to use according to the background it’s placed over.

Sweetie Dreams

Sweetie Dreams was a hypothetical entrepreneurial project that proposed the creation of a pastry shop. It was carried out by a group of colleagues from the 1st Employment and Solidarity Entrepreneurship Launch of Valladolid, and my task was to create the graphic image.

For the colors, I chose dark and light brown, white and pink, as they are reminiscent of sweets like chocolate, cream and strawberries. As for the image, the name is framed in a circle reminiscent of a cake seen from above. Also, the two “e’s” that go together in “Sweetie” were deformed with the idea of simulating, on the one hand, a heart (which speaks of sweets made with love) and on the other a typical pastry sweet such as the puff pastry palm tree .

be consistent, memorable

let what you show be a faithful image of who you are and what you do
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