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There are a few steps prior to publishing the entire web page:

First prepare the “house”, that is, buy accomodation. Here will be all the things that your house has.

This house has to have an address, of course, this is called a domain (celestevisual.com is mine). Like when you tell people where your house is so they can visit you.

Then comes the cool part (for me): build and decoreate this house (the design). Where you provide the texts, images and other things you want (I can help you with this).

Here we do miss the analogy with the real house, because in this one there can be very varied rooms (the one of the adolescent son is not usually like the one of the parents, for example). It doesn’t happen on the web, here we seek uniformity.

And it could be published! Like when you buy/rent a house, you can already invite your friends and/or family.

Like any house, it needs maintenance – either because you add or change things (Google likes to see movement at the houses in its neighborhood).

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Web celestevisual


do we build an online home?

That is visually consistent and represents you
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